HOUSTON (January 25, 2016) – OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH) today announced that they have been voted the best broker in four Energy Risk magazine annual commodities rankings survey categories, including:

Henry Hub Brokers

  • Natural Gas – Eastern U.S. & Canada Brokers
  • Natural Gas – Western U.S. & Canada Brokers
  • Natural Gas Liquids Brokers

In addition, the leading independent commodities interdealer broker was the most improved broker in the overall rankings, earning the position of fifth best overall broker. The company also placed second in the Refined Products Broker category, second in the U.S. Power Brokers category, fifth in the Energy Broker category, fifth in the Oil and Products Brokers category and fourth in the Natural Gas Brokers category.

“We are honored that our clients voted OTCGH the best broker in four different categories, among other designations, and want to thank them for their continued support,” said Javier Loya, OTCGH chairman and CEO. “We also want to thank our brokers, who have worked tirelessly to make OTCGH the premier independent commodities IDB in the industry today. As evidenced by this recognition, OTCGH’s unique position as the last remaining major independent in this business, coupled with our unmatched liquidity and visibility into the market, creates an unmatched experience for our clients.”