HOUSTON (December 16, 2019) – OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH), the leading independent commodities interdealer broker, concluded another milestone year marked by further investments in global talent and the expansion of its data services offering for clients across markets.

Talent has long been a key differentiator for the firm, and 2019 was no different as it invested in individuals across the globe who can drive market growth, including:

  • Daniel Porton joined OTCGH as Market Data Business Development Manager and Head of Sales for Europe and Asia. Porton has over 12 years of experience in multi-asset sales and relationship management working in financial markets and is based out of London.
  • Aaron Easterling, who brings more than 13 years of experience leading talent initiatives in global alternative investment management to the company, joined OTCGH as Vice President of Business Development. Easterling is responsible for helping the firm identify and recruit premier candidates to OTCGH’s nearly 20 independent brokerage shops across the globe.
  • Het Shah, who brings more than 15 years of experience in trading, research and product development to the firm, joined OTCGH’s ION Energy Group in New York as a head of research. Shah is helping further build out the company’s rapidly expanding research capabilities.
  • Thomas Blakeslee, a 25-year energy veteran, joined OTCGH’s Choice! Power desk in New York. He has two plus decades of experience in trading oil, power and gas, and most recently was Sales Manager at Nasdaq, where he oversaw the sales effort for power and gas trading, driving new competition to the energy futures industry.

OTCGH also announced the availability of its latest data product, European Natural Gas & Power (EUGP) Forward Curves powered by EOXLive. The EUGP product covers daily assessments of 40 fixed price locations and joins the continuously expanding suite of data resources from OTCGH, including existing European offerings like NGLs, Refined Products, and Crude Oil as the firm continues to expand its market data offerings into Europe and Asia.

In addition, the company expanded its EOD market data reports powered by EOXLive to be generated multiple times throughout the global business day to provide continuous coverage to clients across all continents. In addition to the EOD market data reports EOX already generated before 3:00 p.m. CT daily, the company began generating EOD market data reports for every asset class it marks five times daily.

Thanks to the continued support of OTCGH’s brokers, the company also saw continued growth of the client base for its EOXLive platform. This resulted in more trader-to-trader interaction and a record-setting volume total in August, brokering more than 40 percent of the total Natural Gas Options block market (ICE, CME and NFX).  

Finally, the company was honored as the 2019 “Broker of the Year” by Energy Risk, an internationally recognized publication in the global trade and risk management industry. This is the fourth time in nine years the firm has received the recognition.

“This year has been a testament to OTC Global Holdings’ steadfast position in the global marketplace. We have made great investments in our people and products, which directly impact the level of service and intelligence we are able to provide our clients with,” said Javier Loya, OTCGH’s chairman and Co-CEO. “As the year comes to an end, we are looking forward to accomplishing even greater milestones in 2020 and the coming decade, including enhancing our technology and data offerings to diversifying our portfolio of services. However, continuing to provide the best client experience and service in the business will remain at the core of everything we do and that starts with having the best people.”

About OTC Global Holdings

Formed in 2007, OTC Global Holdings has become the world’s largest independent institutional broker of commodities, covering financial and physical instruments from offices in Chicago, Des Moines, Geneva, Houston, London, Louisville, New Jersey, New York and Singapore.  The company is a leading liquidity provider on CBOT, ICE, NYMEX and NFX, ranking number one amongst its peers in numerous derivatives contracts across biofuels, emissions, commodity index products, crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), metals, petrochemicals and refined products, power, proppants, soft commodities, and weather derivatives.  The company serves more than 450 institutional clients, including over 70 members of the Global Fortune 500, and transacts in hundreds of different commodity delivery points in Asia, Europe and the Americas. To learn more about the company, please visit or go to  

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