New York, February 21, 2012 — EOX Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of OTC Global Holdings LP (OTCGH), andUpdata Inc., a leading provider of advanced trading analytics, today announced that EOX over-the-counter (OTC) energy forward curves are now available in Updata’s analytics. OTCGH clients can now use the powerful analytics from Updata to identify trends and patterns in OTC energy markets, and Updata clients are now able to seamlessly use the OTC energy forward curves from OTCGH.

OTCGH, the leading independent interdealer broker in over-the-counter energy and commodities, provides end-of-day forward curves in natural gas and, power. Updata Analytics provides traders and market analysts with advanced charting, technical analysis tools, system design and testing, scanning and alerts, and automated report generation.
“As energy trading increases in speed and complexity, it is critical for those involved in the market to employ tools that help quickly identify and anticipate market opportunities,” said Javier Loya, OTCGH Chairman and CEO. “Working with Updata to improve the access to our data further ensures we are offering the most accurate and comprehensive broker curves.”

“Our clients have been searching for ways to improve their analysis of the OTC energy markets, and this partnership with OTCGH will help our clients do just that” said David Linton, Updata CEO. “End of day forward curves from OTCGH, one of the leading OTC brokers, combined with our powerful analytics, will give traders and risk managers greater insight into the markets and help them make better trading decisions.”